Private Jet Charter to Cannes Film Festival

Bring your film to Cannes in a private jet and arrive to the French Riviera in style. Cannes Film Festival, for many in the industry, is the ultimate destination of any year.

Invitations to the main screenings are rare for anyone outside the film industry, but many people flock to the city for the festival atmosphere, parties, and to view film screenings at the beach. Films shown outside of the festival are those that are Out of Competition or Cannes Classics.… Continue Reading

How a Private Jet Charter Company Ensures Smooth Group Travel

Traveling in groups can be a of major pain when flying commercial flights. More often than not, there is the one person who is chronically late and can throw the entire group off balance. There are dietary restrictions that commercial flights might not be interested in or willing to accommodate for certain members. There can even be ground transportation issues if the airline does not serve the precise location where the group is going.… Continue Reading

Celebrity Private Jets

It is always fun to take a look at celebrity lifestyles to see how they live their lives off the camera. Some of the biggest stars happen to own private jets to help them travel around the world while working on movie sets, conducting television interviews, and promoting their latest films or causes.
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