Wheelchair Accessibility for Travelling on Private Jet Charters

Travelers who have disabilities or illnesses that require them to travel with a wheelchair often find the thought of commercial flying to be intimidating and exhausting. Aside from long lines and uncomfortable security screening processes, there are added factors like crowded seating and little leg room to complicate things during flights. Traveling by private jet charter opens a whole new world of travel possibilities for passengers who are wheelchair bound with many benefits to consider.… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Families Fly by Private Jet Charter

You may believe that private jets are reserved for businesses to use as tax write-offs, but many families rely on private jets for many different reasons. The beauty of private aviation is that it is versatile enough to work in various circumstances and customizable to meet the needs of individuals and families alike.

These are 10 reasons families fly by private charter. Most families can relate to one or more of these scenarios.… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Summer Airport Crowds

Summer is a busy season at many airports throughout the country. Families are taking vacations. There are three major three-day weekends during the summer flying season. Plus, people like to take advantage of the sunshine and warmth to spend time at the beach. Whether taking a vacation day to enjoy a long weekend or taking a weeklong vacation, people are flying in record numbers this summer.
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Alternative to Long TSA Wait Times

Long delays related to airport screening have caused more than 70,000 missed flights from one major airline alone in 2016 alone with 40,000 checked bags according to a recent Reuters report. Unfortunately, these are not isolated cases. Other airlines and airports are experiencing similar results from the TSA with long wait times leading to missed flights, misdirected luggage, and other problems. It has become a public relations nightmare for the TSA and created a social media firestorm of epic proportions.… Continue Reading